Bumpy Seas and Weak Knees


A/N: Princess Emma isn’t happy when her lifelong best friend and partner in crime, Killian, joins her father’s navy and starts acting strangely towards her.

Lieutenant Duckling One-Shot

Word Count: 2,411

[FF Net]

“Princess Emma, Lieutenant Jones wishes to see you.”

Emma rolled her eyes at the title as she nodded to her guard. She should be excited to see Killian; after all, he had been her best friend since childhood. Ever since he joined the navy though, he’d changed. He wasn’t the same fun loving, adventurous, troublesome soul she’d grown to love, like. 

Killian strolled into her room confidently, thanking the guard and bidding he leave. He cleared his throat nervously and addressed Emma. “Princess Emma, I’ve come to-”

“Princess? When have you ever called me ‘princess’ when we were alone?” Emma asked bitterly as she glared at him. Gods, he sounded so damn pretentious. They use to poke fun at overly formal officers and diplomats together, mocking their phony speeches and greetings. Now here he was, behaving just like them- he’d betrayed her.

Killian grimaced as he tugged nervously at his uniform. “I’m in uniform, and I must behave according to my position. I serve your father now,” he said quietly, praying she would understand. He had sensed her anger right when he walked in the door.

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Your Heart Is Too Strong, Anyway


an: I CAN’T STOP WRITING THESE. This is a disease. Previous parts can be found here: 1, 2, 3

Any familiar dialogue is taken directly from “There’s No Place Like Home”

Your Heart Is Too Strong, Anyway

It was inevitable, really, that Regina would try again. Emma can’t have been easy to find on an enchanted ship sailing through the realms, but here, back in her own kingdom, with rumors swirling around her return, it was bound to happen.

What they’re all trying very hard to understand is how she succeeded.

David and Lancelot’s knights have ridden the last two days at breakneck pace into the Dark Forest, the land of Regina’s banishment (Poor planning on their part, really, they should have sent her to Gumdrop Forest or Unicorn Valley) in order to reach Emma in time, but it’s on the second night that they realize they are being followed.

They’ve taken a moment to let the horses rest, bundled close around the edges of a small fire, and David whips his head around as he hears another noise in the trees behind him, but as ever there seems to be no one around.

He’s going insane. He must be going insane. It’s no small wonder, really - two years of thinking his daughter lost to them forever, lost to the clutches of a sorceress they couldn’t touch, only to have her returned as an honorary pirate with a crew of miscreants she had demanded pardons for, and Captain Hook himself staring at the woman like she hung the stars in the sky (not that she didn’t - David at least, can understand where that thought might have come from) - no, he isn’t exactly surprised he’s lost what little of his mind he’d had before.

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Kiss it better


Cell fluff/angst thanks to JMo’s twitter and instagram pictures!

"What the fuck Kill-"

The words die when his lips crash onto hers. She’s still mad, but for a second the world is spinning and she loses track of her thoughts.

Slamming her palm against his chest, he stumbles backward, landing against the bars of the station cell and eliciting a hollow chime from the metal.

"Where the hell have you been?"

He gives her that smirk of his and peels himself away from the bars, sauntering back towards her with a confident swagger.

"Did you miss me?"

"You’re an asshole," she retorts, folding her arms and taking a step back until she feels the desk hitting the back of her thighs.

"I’m sorry."

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Lights Will Guide You Home


CS AU: When Emma and Killian came back from the past, instead of Elsa coming to Storybrooke, Graham never died. The whole town thinks that Emma and Graham have been in a relationship ever since Emma came to Storybrooke two years ago.

Spoilers: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

A/N: This is a fic based on my gifset AU that was surprisingly popular. I got so many messages about writing a fic for it that I couldn’t say no. And, while I don’t think I as a writer can really give this story the true justice it deserves, o-u-a-timer encouraged me to try anyway. Enjoy!


Shaking his dead body, Emma leaned against the desk behind her. She let tears stream down her face and knew her heart was beating right out of her chest. She looked at the man who she barely got to know, but felt an eternal bond to, and hated herself for not being able to help him, for not being able to save him. 

Her eyes scanned his body, hoping she had missed a sign of life, but there was nothing there. No rise and fall of his chest, no flickering eyes behind closed lids, no jerking when she touched him. He was cold, and as she held him against her lap, looking at the soft curls of his hair and feeling the rough scratch of his beard, she understood that everything she had ever hoped for had just been snatched right under her nose.  Emma looked at his lifeless soul, realizing that she didn’t even know a future with Graham had even been something she wanted.

She could still feel the soft press of his lips upon her own, only to be deepened as they sunk into the kiss. She could still feel the motions of herself walking towards him, still see his body waiting for what she was going to do once she reached him. She could still feel the soft fabric of his vest against her palm as her hand trailed up his shoulder and to his neck. She could still feel how his hands had held her face after they pulled apart, still see how his eyes looked at her with nothing but love and devotion glazed upon them.  

She could still feel his weight drop against her and onto the cold floor as they leaned in for a second kiss.

Emma stretched over him and unthreaded a long, brown string from his left boot. She began wrapping it around her wrist over and over again, pulling it into a knot and tightening it with her teeth. Keeping his shoelace was a reminder that she couldn’t let someone in again. It would remind her that the emotional wall she built was there for a reason. It would remind her that the torn-down bricks from her brief light with Graham were to be cemented back up, her wall becoming taller than ever before.

She decided right then and there that Graham was going to be the last time she would ever open her heart up to someone. It wasn’t worth the inevitable pain. It wasn’t worth the everlasting suffering. 

She decided right then and there that she was never going to love anyone ever again.

So I have a prompt idea. It came to me the other day and my writing would just not do it justice. so maybe like a few weeks into S4 (no tacos yet) and Emma notices the "Milah" tattoo on his arm and starts to feel insecure about everything (the walls) and Killian realizes it and decides to show her the swan tattoo he got above his heart (after Jolly Roger events cause I feel like that's be appropriate timing) and then fluffy reassurance happens :) longest prompt explanation sorry! 😘


If your writing didn’t do it justice I don’t really know if mine can either lol but I promise to try!! No pressure though right? ;) I’m actually terrified that this one won’t come out like you want it thesassywitchofthenortheast I don’t really have anything for my normal rambling section so let’s just dive right in! 

Emma hadn’t meant to let her insecurities get this far out of hand; not this time. After all, he wasn’t Neal, and she knew that much. And yet, the same fears always seemed to surface. It had been a few weeks since they had moved into the apartment by the water and everyday the past seemed to come back to nudge her in the wrong direction. 

 "Killian," She muttered, the alarm on his side of the bed blaring loudly. He simply groaned, pulling her into him and continued to ignore the sound. Emma couldn’t help but smile, the blasted idiot could sleep through anything. She nudged him again, muttering small curses under her breath in a playful tone before completely shoving him from the bed.


"I don’t know how you sleep through that godforsaken thing," Emma huffed as she sat on the edge of the bed watching his confusion. His arm reached up, his hand moving to scratch behind his ear. It gave Emma a perfect view of the biceps that were becoming more and more prominent as he took on new jobs in Storybrooke. It also brought her attention to his tattoo. She sat unmoving, frozen in her thoughts as he got up to get in the shower and get ready for the day he had ahead of him.

Her gaze traveled to her own wrist. Her own tattoo served as a memory. It reminded her of her past and was a symbol to try and help her move on, that the darker days were behind her. Yet, she knew that Killian’s wasn’t the same thing. His, while being a reminder, served as a way to keep Milah’s memory alive. He wanted to keep her memory alive in him, while Emma wanted hers to help keep her memories hidden. 

Her arms wrapped around her legs, pulling them into her chest. She used her knees as a resting place for her chin, her eyes glazed over as the thoughts assaulted her. He had true love, how would she even begin to compare? They had an entire life together, and he spent three hundred years trying to avenge her, what made her thing that she could even hold a candle to that kind of relationship? She didn’t know how long she sat there, overwhelmed with her own thoughts.

 “Alright, you haven’t moved since I got up. What’s going on in that pretty, complicated head of yours?” Killian asked as he sat down next to her pulling her into his lap. Emma’s fingers curled into the soft fabric of his clean shirt, breathing in the scent of his freshly washed skin and exhaled shakily.

 “Nothing,” She mumbled, shaking her head from side to side. She was none to eager to discuss the issues her past was causing in their future.

 “It has to be something love, or you wouldn’t be this worked up,” He told her, his fingers finding her chin to lift it, causing her gaze to find his. She looked at him for a few moments before rushing out her biggest concerns, watching as his playful grin took on a more serious edge.

 “You can’t really think that. Emma, I love you. Yes, I loved Milah, and I will always hold her in my heart but you hold my heart. That will never change, and I will spend forever proving it to you. In fact-“ He trailed off as he leaned back far enough to pull the soft black fabric over his head. Emma was about to chastise him, tell him how this was not helping anything when her words were caught in her throat.

 Her hand reached up, lightly tracing the darkened marks over his heart. Her other hand flew up to cover her mouth, tears welling up in her eyes as she continued to trace the swan on his skin delicately. She placed her palm over it flat, before leaning in to place a kiss next to it right over his heart. Killian took that as a good sign, grasping her hands in his and smiling softly down at her.

 “We both have a past Emma, it might not be easy- hell it may haunt us for a while. But, this; now, this is us and I can’t picture a future without you in it. You are my world now, Swan. And I plan on being here for as long as you let me,” He told her, not waiting for an answer before leaning down and claiming her lips with his. Emma poured every ounce of love she had for her pirate into her kiss, her fingers curling into his hair. 

She knew there would be days of doubt, hurdles to overcome. But they were in it together.

Liar’s Dice


an: Another foray into the ‘discovery’ verse. It’s not completely necessary to read the companions 'discovery, discovery, discovery' and 'five times the royal guard almost stopped killian jones from sneaking into the princess Emma's rooms' but they’re super fun so you should anyway. :)

Liar’s Dice

The day the Jolly Roger had sailed into the bay, he’d been working with the dock master, going over details about a certain shipment of something or other no one actually remembers, at this point, with the excitement of the day.

He can distinctly remember the flash of long golden hair he’d caught sight of along the port side, and the way his heart had hammered in his chest only to plummet miserably as he thought of his own failings - two years gone and most of the kingdom still blamed themselves for the abduction of Princess Emma, but he’d been there, escorting her back to the castle after a ride into the forest. He’d been right at her side when the Black Knights had attacked.

He’d been there to see her grabbed in the moments before the hilt of a blade came crashing down on his head.

He’d gone back about his business as the crew of this new arrival settled the ship, and it was only as he watched the captain lower the gangplank and stride onto the dock that Grumpy heard warning bells. The kind that told him a man wearing that much cow hide and a hook for a hand was someone he should probably warn the guard about.

He’d slunk off to find them while the man smiled charmingly at the dock master, and once he’d returned with tall tales of the pirate Captain Hook ringing in his ears, all hell broke loose.

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If You Can’t Stand The Heat [Prologue]



This beautiful manip by his-amelia-pond/ princess-duckling! Go follow both of hers! 

Summary: Being born above his mother’s restaurant, Killian Jones had his hands in the kitchen from an early age. By teaching him everything she knew, his mother insured he would be ready when the business was handed down to him. But with the past looming over him, Killian decides it best to leave; to uproot his life as he journeys all over the countryside. 

When he incurs yet another bump in the road, it leads him to one Emma Swan. He finds himself drawn not only to her and the rustic town, but a struggling restaurant on the outskirts of the city. Can he find not only culinary success, but love along the way? 

Well you know what they say, if you can’t stand the heat…

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: T

Word Count: 767


The wooden stool was placed right next to the stove, giving the small boy just enough room to reach up and stir the bubbling liquid. (It had been there as long as the boy could remember, something his parents had added as soon as he was old enough). A smile spread across his face as he pulled the long wooden spoon from the mixture, sneaking a taste while his mother’s back was turned. His tongue briefly stuck out of the right side of his mouth, his forehead crinkling as he thought for a second. Upon making a decision, he turned and glanced over his shoulder, before finally sneaking a handful of his mother’s secret spices into the sauce. He sloshed some of the liquid onto the eye of the stove, having rushed the mixing to avoid getting caught. 

 “I saw that,” his mother teased, nudging his small shoulder with hers. She caught the mischievous glint in his bright azure eye; it was the look that always gave him away. She simply smirked, putting her hands on her hips and watching as some of the façade dropped with a muttered sorry.  She smiled, leaned down and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, whispering a well done in his ear. She stood up, ruffling his hair and returning his large grin, as she stuck her own spoon into the pot. 

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The First I Love You


i saw this idea sent by an anon to the-lady-swan and the muse got really excited

fluffiness ensues :)


"I love you."

They had been in bed after their first night alone since the last crisis. With hot chocolate and cinnamon in their stomachs, they took a shower together and got in bed. He grabbed her while under the covers, kissing her gently. As they pulled away, she rested her forehead on his, love filling her heart and it slipped. It was so natural; quiet, soft as a breath and she hoped he hadn’t heard it.

Of course he had.

He couldn’t stop his eye from sparking, his heart from racing when he heard her say it. He had known for the longest time he felt that way of her, and all he has ever dreamed of was feeling her love in return, but the feeling of her body tense against his, the way she pulled back, the look of shock and fear in her eyes held him back. He wanted to smile, to kiss her, to cry, but all he did was watch her; the sparkle of hope and love in his eyes unable to be suppressed. She lowers her head and he doesn’t say anything, the balloon of hope in his heart beginning to deflate.

What the hell? She just said those words. Not just any words, but those words, those three little words that could change everything. She had known her feelings for him were deep, rooted in her like nothing ever has before. Was she just scared to admit what she thought she knew? All her life she had been neglected of love. Each time she tried to give it, maybe even have some of her own, she was shot down by neglect and betrayal and lies. It had put up a moral wall for her. She wanted love, god she wanted it bad, but she was scared. 

Do I love him?

She looks up as him, seeing pure joy overflow his eyes. His dark thick hair damp from the shower, his arms strong but comforting, his eyes so incredibly blue. He wanted this so bad, wanted her so bad, though he tried to hold his back. For her. Everything he ever did was for her. From the good morning kisses to the lunch he always brings her when she’s at the station to the way he shows his eternal love for her at night. He has chased after her, went back in time for her, stood by her, gave up his past and his home for her. So why couldn’t she do the same?

A lightbulb lit up in her head and her heart. Yes I am scared, yes this is a risk but yes, yes she loves him. She loves him more than anything and he needs to know, she needed him to know.

He continues to watch her, stunning green eyes locked on his until he sees a cloud rush away from her vision, a smile so big and beautiful if could have sent him flying to the stars. She presses her lips to his, hardly able to kiss properly because her smile won’t fade but she doesn’t want it to. He immediately smiles into the kiss, joyous and passionate and rushed and Gods, she know’s how to kiss. They break apart, tears in Emma’s eyes though their smiles have not wavered. They each bring a hand to the others face, Killian to wipe the falling tear, Emma just to touch him, to feel him.

"I love you, Killian." her voice thick with emotion and certainty, music to his ears.

"I love you too," and she can’t stop the soft laugh of pure happiness that falls from her mouth.

They fall into each others arms, Emma’s arms around his neck, her head tucked into his chest while he holds her to him, peppering kissing wherever he can reach.

They love each other (now they both know) and they will never forget it. Whatever peril comes their way, whatever new crisis is sure to start the next morning, they will be okay, their kisses and security and trust a never ending promise to each other.

They are finally home.


I just read the dance Liutenant Duckling history. So beautiful and fluffy!! Loved it!! It would be great if you write a continuation, like when they are at the ball or whatever your muse is thinking about those two. <3


haha tbh i forgot that i even wrote that! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LIKING IT! 

this is a second part to my LD one-shot moondance

shout out to onceuponajollyroger for being cool as a cucumber — you know whyyyyyy

don’t hesitate ‘cause your love won’t wait

“Emma, would you please stop fidgeting?” Johanna gave a frustrated sigh as Emma continued to shuffle back and forth from one foot to another.

Emma was standing on a raised platform in her bedroom as Johanna attempted to fit her for the gown she was supposed to wear to the ball.

“I’m sorry, Johanna, but I simply cannot help it.” She wasn’t lying, the ball was only a few hours away and she hadn’t spoken to Killian since they’d spoken the night before, when she – when she kissed him. Emma groaned and clapped a hand over her face at the memory.

She really shouldn’t have done that. She jumped off of the pedestal and sat down on it, the corset under her ball gown restricting her airflow as she rested her elbows on her knees.

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A Path We Trace: Chapter Two


The Master and the Student

>Found on FF.Net<

1/ 2

M for le smut.

(And a big huge thank you to everyone who’s followed me or liked and reblogged chapter one because it was so amazing for that to happen)


Five Months Later

“What do you mean you’re going on holidays?” Emma’s eyes were wide as Granny stood at the door, bag over her shoulder with Ruby smiling apologetically behind her. It was beautiful at this time of year – not that Emma had ever been much further than the northern edge of town. “I can’t man this place on my own I’m –”

“Eighteen as of last week with a very dangerous left hook,” Granny answered. “You can take care of yourself, Emma. We wouldn’t be leaving if we thought you couldn’t. Besides, it’s only a week and no one’s here this time of year anyway.” She leant forward and gave the young woman a hug, seizing her tightly in her arms. “You’ll be fine. Don’t let it any unsavoury figures and I’ve told Graham to drop by on Wednesday, so if anything breaks down-”

“I’ll let him know,” Emma said with a final resigned sigh. “Fine. Go. Leave me. Have fun.”

“We will,” Ruby called with a wave.

And as they started off down the road, Emma turned and took a look at the empty tavern, putting her hands on her hips as she surveyed the scene apprehensively.

“You and I are going to have some good times this week, buddy,” she said to the tavern.

Of course, the inanimate building didn’t respond.

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Mask and feathers - Part 1/?


timeless-love-story asked for a smutty masquerade ball drabble so here it is! Hope you like it!

A big thanks to Nicki, oncertwice for helping work some details out!

Getting out of the taxi, Emma felt suddenly overdress as she walked along the sidewalk, people turning their heads around as she passed by them, until she reached the hotel in which they were holding a charity event. The cause of the charity was something that Emma held very close to the heart. They were raising money to increase the quality and resources of the foster care system, something that Emma knew too well being an orphan.

Walking at the sound of her high heels hitting the floor, she finally reached the reception hall in which the masquerade ball was held. Entering the hall, her mouth fell open seeing the how many people were there, wearing a big variety of gowns and colors, everyone wearing some amazingly detailed mask. The waiters even wore small simple mask as they walked around holding a silver tray filled with champagne flutes.

Emma was happy that she had decided to rent a gown instead of just wearing a simple dress, seeing how the amount of trouble the guest went through. She had decided to wear a strapless gown made of feathers; the top was covering her chest with black feathers and from the waist down the skirt of the dress was covered with white feathers. She had completed the look with a pair of silk gloves that reached her elbows, and a silver mask with two big feathers, one white and one black, on the right side of it. Her hair was pulled up in a high bun, a small pair of black earrings and she decided to leave her neckline free.

As she walked around the room with a champagne glass in her hand and her clutch in the other and she found the bar and some small banners a lot of different labels of rum displayed and she couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped her lips.

“Care to share what is so funny Swan?” A lilted voice came from behind her ear, making her jump slightly and turn around to look at the stranger in question.

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Late Night Talk Radio - CS Fan Fiction


Emma is driving alone one Christmas Eve, and hears a beautiful tale of a man and the woman he loved. Captain Swan AU ala Sleepless in Seattle. I just had this thought today, and loved it enough to try it out. I hope you like it! 

Also I sadly do not own Once Upon a Time or Sleepless in Seattle. All quotes used belong to their authors.

Christmas Eve

“Oh shit!”

Emma was walking to her car with her fiancé Walsh, when she realized she had forgotten to grab the Christmas presents on her way out. And they were late. Very late.

Walsh started to head back with her, but she insisted it was fine. If he left now, at least one of them could be at the party somewhat on time. She would be right behind him. It would be easier with two vehicles anyway.

Walsh was always there for Emma. He opened car doors, cooked dinners for her, and brought her chocolate and red wine after a bad day at work.  She was happy to have found a nice guy in the middle of NYC. He was so unlike the other scum bags she had been hurt by, that falling in love with him seemed right, and the next logical step. And she was happy.

But she had always dreamed of more. She longed for a sense of magic, fate, and passion tied into a beautiful package called true love. But that isn’t being in love. That is being in love in a movie. This was the real world where a nice guy was more than what most got. Hell, it’s easier to be killed by a terrorist than it is to find a husband over the age of 40! Well, maybe that’s not true, but it feels true.

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