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Emma Swan didn’t get nervous. Ever.

But the thought of spending an evening alone with the prince of the kingdom had her stomach twisting in knots. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she put on the nicest dress she owned. 

It was nothing special, just blue silk with a modest neckline, but it was the best she could do. She arranged her golden curls into a simple coiffure and scrubbed her face clean.

"You look beautiful, mother," said Henry behind her. 

Henry turned to see her sun grinning at her. “Thanks kid. Now don’t open the door to strangers and don’t stay up too late, okay?”

Henry nodded. “I’ll be fine, mother. Don’t worry about me and have a good time.”

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Don't Lie To Me Now →


An angsty thought that became a some-what painful drabble.

Killian gave her a quick nod, moving past her and out the back door of Granny’s.

She walked over to the counter and slumped onto the stool. Her chin resting on her hand propped up on it’s elbow.

"I don’t get it." Emma spoke out loud…

Whoops, I just saw that you've done 9 :-) How about 19, if you're going that far down the list? ;) (Captain Swan)


… having a wet dream and calling out the other’s name during it


She had just wanted to see for herself that he was okay. That had been the only reason she had slipped into his room. She had just closed the door behind her quietly as she heard him calling her name.


Sorry, I didn’t want to …” She stopped mid-sentence as she turned around and saw he was still asleep, the lamp on the nightstand casting shadows over his face and then suddenly his back arched from the mattress, a hoarse groan slipping out of his mouth as he rasped.

Gods, Emma.”

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CS Prompt! Walsh is back (in human form obviously). Hook throws a punch. Daddy Charming helps. Emma finds out he's the wizard of oz and recollects all her fairytale boyfriends.


Of-fucking-course the first monkey they figure out how to change back into a human is him, is the only thought that registers in her shock, muddled brain.

Emma watches as Walsh scrabbles for purchase on a tree when he stands, legs shaky as he re-orients himself with his new found human form. Beside her, she can feel Hook stiffen, recognition flowing between them both like a thick cloud of disdain and anger and, for her, the lingering betrayal that still manages to sting after weeks. 

On her other side, David’s eyes are narrowed as he scrutinizes the man leftover from the eruption of smoke when they threw the carefully-concocted magic dust Regina had bestowed them with that morning. Regardless, her heart shrivels to the size of a pea in her chest when Walsh finally looks up, confusion and fear laced artfully into his facial expression.

David tucks away his sword, clearly has no idea just who this is, and looks to take a step forward when Hook’s lilting voice, roughened by anger, drifts across to him.

"I wouldn’t help him if I were you, mate."

The prince stills and turns to them both, sees his daughter’s face, frowns and looks at the man on the ground again. Walsh is looking up now, looking at Emma and Hook. The facade of innocence drops like a dumbbell, shattering to the ground to reveal something feral and plainly amused.

He chuckles, “Emma - how lovely to see you again.”

Hook growls low in his throat and David still looks incredibly confused.

"I must say though, it’s quite different to last time, isn’t it?” he laughs again as he pushes himself up and brushes the dirt off his pants. He’s dressed in the same suit he wore when she pushed him off the roof, the same suit she’d washed for him hundreds of times while they were together. It makes her shudder with revulsion.

"What’s going on? How does he know your name?" David asks, eyes flitting between Emma and Hook as both glare furiously ahead.

"Well, go on Emma," Walsh says jovially, "It’s only fitting I meet him - or have you already forgotten me and moved on? After everything we’ve been through together, I’ll be hurt if you have.” His grin is lecherous on the last statement, tongue swiping out to wet his lips and he stares at Hook with derisive, taunting entertainment. That is, until he sees the pirate stalking forward with the grace of leopard before Emma or her father can so much as blink.

The satisfying crack that echoes through the air when his fist befriends Walsh’s jaw is beyond gratifying, the latter man stumbling to the ground in a boneless heap. He groans as he lands with a thud and she jogs quickly over to them with David on her heels. 

"You should learn to control what you say, mutt," Hook bites through his clenched teeth, anger so potent Emma places a hand on his elbow in an attempt to calm him down. He momentarily flinches away from her touch, just as he’s been doing for the past couple of days - since Ariel appeared and disappeared - but eventually relaxes into her hand.

"What the hell is going on?" David asks, somewhat frustrated as he stares between them all. 

"That’s Walsh - my almost-fiance," is all Emma can grit out as she looks anywhere but at the aforementioned man.

When there is no reply from her father, she turns to him - just in time to watch him grab the man on the ground by the scruff of the neck so he can lay another fist into his face. Walsh grunts and lands back on the ground with an exhausted huff.

David straightens, eyes shooting daggers at him as he stands, “Get him up. We should question him.”


Captain Swan + grinding up against each other

It was his idea, and Emma had agreed out of surprise more than anything else, because it wasn’t something that he would have ever guessed he would suggest. But now that she’s lying on the couch, tangled up with him, savoring the noises dropping from his lips, she doesn’t understand why they haven’t done this before.

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Emma and Killian, morning after cuddles and fluff!


The first thing Emma thinks when she wakes up is that there is definitely somewhere she should be, even if she can’t remember.

The second accompanies a groan, because Christ, she’s sore. 

She shifts a little closer to the body beside her, warmer than any she’s ever woken up to and still sound asleep. Her body protests, her thighs aching and Jesus, how is she supposed to get anything done today?

Killian shifts, nuzzling his face into her shoulder and she can’t help the smile that pulls up the corners of her lips, widening when he mumbles something incoherent. 

Ruthless pirate, for sure

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CS + 4 :)


… sexting 

Killian keeps sexting Emma while she’s at Snow’s girls-only baby shower. She tells him to stop but unintentionally spurs him on some more. Eventually she sexts back and can’t stop blushing and feeling hot so she has to leave the room (one of the girls gives Emma a look saying she knows what’s up). She rounds a corner somewhere in the house and finds a room/closet to try and relieve herself. Guess who’s in said room/closet with her, intending to execute all of his sexting promises right then and there. (via mydeliriumisyou)


Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she pulled it out impatiently, expecting another text of him asking her what this or that appliance was for. One day he would set the apartment on fire.

She skimmed her thumb over the screen and reached for the glass of sparkling wine, taking a sip before she looked down at her phone, almost spitting the liquid all over the screen.

Just went through your garments drawer. How about you are wearing that sinful red bodice next time when I fuck you against the wall?

God, he was sexting her?

She should have never taught him how to use a phone. Bad idea. Worst idea ever.

Her fingers flew over the screen as she was typing an answer furiously.

Keep this up buddie and you’ll never get sex again.

Her phone chirped only a minute later and she furrowed her brows, opening the message.

So when I keep doing it are you gonna punish me?

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The nevengers manage to gather Cora’s spirit and some snarky comments about cs and outlawqueen (I didn’t really get in a lot of snark about OQ, sorry

"Oh, well this is unsurprising,” is the first thing they hear when the candle dims and room is immersed in dark shadows. Still seated at the round table, they look around, never releasing their grip on each other for fear of breaking the spell that has brought forth the owner of the voice.

Regina’s eyes zero in on her, grip tightening so David and Emma notice and follow her line of sight. Cora leans against the wall near the door, arms folded as she eyes each of them. She is an unusual pallor and it’s only when Emma studies her carefully that she realizes it’s because she’s almost transparent.

"Mother," Regina greets coldly, watching the woman stand up from the wall and gallivant proudly towards them. She stops when she is standing between Mary Margaret and Hook, gaze rounding their circle with genuine amusement.

"Regina, how lovely. I see you’ve already made amends with my murderer," Cora hisses delightfully, eyes drilling into the pregnant woman directly to her right. 

Regina’s lips thin but she doesn’t say a word, Mary Margaret’s eyes fall to the table, shoulder hunching over as she folds shamefully in on herself. Clearly satisfied, the older witch looks around at them all once more until her eyes land on Hook and then flit to Emma before zeroing in on where she is clutching the brace of his hook tightly.

They all start when she laughs unceremoniously.

"I knew it.”

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Captain Swan + leaving hickeys on each other’s necks

He’s always had a thing about marking her, and she knows that. When he goes to suck on her neck she sighs indulgently and tips her head back, giving him more access. She’s patient with him, giving him as much time as he wants, worrying her skin between his teeth until he is satisfied with the bruise he has left for her.

It’s never been the other way around before.

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oq prompt-robin agrees on a date with ruby bc regina rejected him


"He’s where?"

Regina’s coffee mug slips through her fingers and shatters on the floor. Emma and Tink wince at the sound and all the curious eye’s now turned on them. Granny’s is packed tonight for dinner and there hasn’t been any juicy gossip in a very long while. The Evil Queen shocked? They’re practically drooling at the prospects. 

"We’re sure it’s nothing," Tink said quickly. 

"But we just wanted to let you know," Emma chimes in. She shoves her hands into her pockets and shifts nervously from side to side. 

"Hey, Your Majesty," Granny say’s snidely. "That mess isn’t going to clean itself up."

Regina send’s the older a woman a dark scowl, but with a flick of her wrist, the spilled coffee and shattered mug disappear. 

"Are you going to go down there?" Tink asks. She’s practically buzzing she’s so pumped up. If there was room, she may have started flying. 

"Why?" Regina asks, her voice back to it’s normal, controlled tone. She straightens her red blazer and takes her seat again at the counter. 

"I made it clear that there couldn’t be anything between Robin and I."

Regina!” Emma hisses. 

Tink looks ready to take the steak knife in Grumpy’s hand and stab the Evil Queen with it. Her cheeks are red and she’s beyond furious. Obviously this is a sore subject between the two. 

"It’s True Love,” Tink whispers as quietly as she can.

"It is not," Regina growls. "Sure. Maybe it was once upon a time… But people change. I’ve changed.”

"He loves you!"

"I’m telling you he doesn’t!"

"Please." Emma rolls her eyes. "You don’t think we all haven’t noticed the doe-eyed and yearning looks?"

"Don’t throw my words back in my face," Regina snarls. 

"I’m just saying. Look where Killian and I are now."

"You two are nauseating. I honestly dream of putting you under a sleeping curse you two are so nauseating with your little smiles and winks."

"This isn’t the time!" Tink cries. "Right now Robin is at the bakery buying cupcakes for Ruby on their date. We only have so much time!”

"Let’s say I did care what they’re doing right now," Regina say’s. "Which I don’t, but let’s just say if I did. What would I even do? What would I even say?”

"You’ll say ‘sorry for being a stupid idiot’ and then you’ll kiss and make up."

Tink smiles sweetly. 

"And you don’t, under any circumstance, rip out Ruby’s heart," Emma hurries to add. 

"I couldn’t even pretend to rip out her heart?"


The door of the bakery flies open and slams into the wall, causing Robin to jump and the cupcake in his hand goes sliding out of his fingers . It smears down his forest green shirt, a single long purple streak that will most likely stain. 

"They’re coming," Killian breathes. 

"Did you really have to break down the door?" Robin asks, accepting the handful of napkins Ruby offers him. 

"Bloody hell, man!" Killian cries. "It’s the Evil Queen and she looks ready to tear off heads! I didn’t have time to stroll.”

"She’s not going to tear of my head, right?" Ruby asks. 

"That is yet to be seen."

"She won’t," Robin clarifies, shooting Killian with a glare. "Once she realizes this was a ploy to get her down her and admit how she really feels, she’ll be fine."

"We are still talking about Regina, right?" Killian asks. 

Will you shut up?”


"This is absurd." Regina scowls. 

"Yes, of course it is," Emma say’s, nearly jogging to keep up with Regina’s brisk pace.

"That’s why we’re running to the bakery."

"Don’t talk her out of it!" Tink admonishes. "She’ll lose her confidence and she’s been needing to do this for a very long time.”

"Don’t talk about me like I’m not right here!" Regina snaps. 

She stops suddenly and Tink and Emma run right into her. They all topple over onto the sidewalk in front of the bakery and land in a heap of tangled limbs. 

The door opens and the bell jingles and the conversation that had been going on inside suddenly stops. 

"Regina?" Robin asks.

He hurries forward and crouches down, holding his hands out for her to take so he can help her to her feet. 

Regina shoves at Emma’s foot and Tink’s arms, untangling herself from them. Emma groans and hold’s a hand to her temple where the fairy’s elbow had hit her in the fall. 

"Well well well, Swan," Killian say’s, smirking down at her. "I didn’t expect to see you hear."

 ”Shut up,” Emma murmurs. “You probably planned this whole thing.”

"Oh, well now your tone is insulting. I was just trying to help our friends along their way on the fragile path of love."

"You were meddling. And now you’ve caused a whole scene…"

Emma’s words drift off as Robin holds Regina’s cheeks in his hands. The Queen tugs the archer closer and their lips meet in a frantic kiss that has been a long time coming. 

Tink sigh’s happily. She doesn’t even try to hide her relief. The weight of the two’s relationship had held her down for a while. And now they were happy… just like they were always supposed to be.

 ”Yes, meddling. I should repent a thousand times over, love. After all… it seems as if I’ve only made matters worse.”

"Wipe that stupid smug look off your face, Killian."

10 ; ship; cs


"CS … pinning the other against a wall"

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Staring at the Sea

Captain Swan, ~2,300, M-ish

Summary:  She has true love. She should be happier than she’s ever been. Some days, she is.

Note: This is kind of angst, and kind of not. It’s more an exploration of the kinds of paranoia that people have when navigating a new relationship when they still don’t think they know how to make relationships work. Set post season 3.


Emma forces a smile when he comes home after his day-long disappearance with a nice bottle of wine and a few long-stemmed roses.

He smells like the sea. His smile is a little too bright, his laughs a little too loud, and the way he can’t stop touching her doesn’t excite her like it should—it makes her worry, even more, that he’s overcompensating.

He’s trying to prove that he’s still in this as much as she is.

But she knows, deep down in that corner of her mind that whispers of old abandonments and life-long loneliness, that somehow, once again, she isn’t good enough to keep him.

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